Bib Bob arrive au camping… English Lesson #1

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Le début de l’aventure !

Big Bob arrive au camping de Laleham. Il se rend à la réception.

Big Bob: Hello. I’d like to check-in please.

Reception: No problem. Can I have your name?

Big Bob: Binetruy. We are the big group from France.

Reception: Oh yes! We were expecting you!

Big Bob: So, where should we go?

Reception: Your tents are all together at the far end of the campsite on the left.

Big Bob: Thank you.

Reception: Here in the main building there is hot water, showers, toilets, and a laundry. There are shaver points, hairdryer points and clothes iron points. There are two pubs and a shop in the village.

Big Bob: That’s great. I fancy a pint!

Reception: Before you go I need to explain some of the campsite rules…

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Big Bob rencontre une campeuse anglaise dans le camping de Laleham.

Big Bob: Hello

Camper: Hello

Big Bob: My name is Bob, what’s yours?

Camper: Jane

Big Bob: Pleased to meet you.

Camper: And you Bob!

Big Bob: Where are you from?

Camper: I’m from Sheffield. Where are you from?

Big Bob: I’m from France!

Camper: Really! Are you here with a group?

Big Bob: Yes there are eighty of us.

Camper: Eighty! Well I’m here with two friends.

Big Bob: Why are you here?

Camper: We are visiting London for the Olympics.

Big Bob: So are we. Enjoy yourselves. Perhaps I’ll see you later Jane.

Camper: Yes. Enjoy your stay.

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