Big Bob partage son aventure – English Lesson #6

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Big Bob retourne au pub the Three Horseshoes de Laleham où il est déjà très connu après une première visite.

Barmaid: Hello, Big Bob nice to see you again. How are you?

Big Bob: I’m fine. How are you?

Barmaid: Very well! What can I get you?

Big Bob: I’d like a pint of London Pride please.

Barmaid: With pleasure. You already know your beer I see!

Big Bob est abordé par un habitant, a local, intrigué par son accent exotique.

Local: Excuse me. I couldn’t help noticing your accent. Are you French?

Big Bob: Yes. I’m from a village in eastern France, not far from Switzerland, called Thise.

Local: Oh really. You’re a long way from home!

Big Bob: We’re here for the Olympic Games.

Local: I thought you might be.

Big Bob: Yes. There are eighty of us.

Local: Eighty? or eighteen.

Big Bob: Eighty – eight zero!

Local: And have you all got tickets? That’s amazing! What events are you going to see?

Big Bob: Let’s see… there’s handball, gymnastics, basketball, synchronised swimming, athletics, volleyball and taekwondo.

Local: Taekwondo? What’s that?

Big Bob: It’s a martial art. Quite spectacular!

Local: Really! And will you be going to any finals?

Big Bob: Yes, we have four seats for the gymnastics final. We also have good tickets for volleyball and handball.

Local: That sounds great. But it is a pity you haven’t got any athletics tickets.

Big Bob: Ah but we have! We managed to get ONE place for athletics. That is for qualifying heats for hurdles and triple jump.

Local: You’ve done very well. So, where do the events take place?

Big Bob: Most things happen in the Olympic Park: the athletics, that’s in the Stadium of course, the handball, and synchronised swimming, in the aquatics centre. The gymnastics are at the North Greenwich Arena, the volleyball is at Earls Court, and the taekwondo is at ExCel.

Local: ExCel? Where’s that?

Big Bob: It is in Docklands. The Olympic Park is at Stratford, and the North Greenwich Arena is at North Greenwich of course! They are both on the Jubilee Line. Earl’s Court is on the District Line.

Local: Well you certainly seem to know your way around!

Big Bob: Yes we have two very good guides! A British and a semi-anglaise !

Big Bob termine son verre.

Local: You must let me buy the next round. I want to hear more about your adventure!


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